Monday, September 20, 2010

Costa Rica: The Greatest Show On Earth

When I was a kid it was all about Disney World. Then Dinsey World was met with some competition of other theme parks. Well it looks as if Mother Nature had enough and decided to show off what she's got as far as fun for all ages.

Costa Rica is not only the home to the surfer of the extreme biologist. It is now the ultimate theme park for all ages and makes for the perfect family vacation. We have been doing family vacation for 10 years now and we have had from 2 yrs old to 85 yrs old and it seems that there is always an activity for everyone. I still remember Costa Rica's Board of Tourism had their slogan that was 100% Natural Ingredients as compared to theme parks which might be 1% natural ingredients.

The Eco-Tourism is a beautiful thing to see and I feel eco-tourism for the kids today when available is a great  opportunity that can not be given with a yearly pass to any theme park on the planet. If you interested in traveling to Costa Rica for free just organize a group of students and we will cover your trip. For more information click here.

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