Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Roth Family Vacation with CRR

This was a great trip. We had the Roth family down from CT and mom was not a big fan of heights but that did not stop the kids from enjoying the rappel. The best part about this trip is that they were quite the adventurous family and they wanted to go all out. We did our cavern trip where we hike 2 hours into the jungle and then rappel down a waterfall and sleep behind the waterfall. It is one of the most majestic places on Earth and absolutely amazing. When we arrive we have a 5-star lunch prepared for everyone because that is what you deserve after such a hike. Some say a Costa Rica vacation should be spent on the beach relaxing well the Roth's thought otherwise.

The little one's name was Jordan and she weighed about as much as my backpack so we put some rice and beans in her diet and beefed her up for the week. When it was time to rappel we had a guide go down with her but she did amazing.

It was a wonderful week for wonderful people from CT and we plan on seeing them back next year and maybe we will get mom on the rappel next year you never know!
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