Saturday, July 3, 2010

Your Guide on a Family Vacation

Along with many other factors such as hotels, adventures, food, transportation, I personally think the guide has to be one of the most important parts of a trip. I think this is more so if you are visiting historical sites or in the case of a Costa Rica vacation places that are filled with bio-diversity, volcanos, and jungles.

There are many types of guides. There is the funny guide who what half of he says is true (but atleast he tells you he is kidding). There is also the military guide who is flawless with information and makes sure everyone is on time. This is a tough guide but soft on the inside and all groups end up liking hime at the end. There are many more types of guides and it would take a book to describe them all. For the most part the Costa Rican people are amazing and for that matter if you get a Costa Rican guide on your family vacation you probably are off to a good start.

Our company of Costa Rican Resource has a group of guides that we have referred to as the dream team. Not only do they know what they are talking about, but they have years of experience, and most importantly they love their job. Many people think guiding is the best job in the world but if you just keep doing the same things it is like anything else it can get boring. That is why a guide has to continue learning always. Fortunately the bio-diversity of Costa Rica is a subject we will no learn everything about in our lifetime. Not only the knowledge but the logisitics of a tour and how things can and should be operated are most often seen best from the guides point of view. When traveling on a family vacation with us be sure to know that you will be with what we consider some of the best guides in the country.
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