Friday, July 2, 2010

A First Class Private Costa Rica Family Vacation

When it comes to service many of our clients have traveled around the world and know what a expect on a family vacation when it comes to first class service. We always try and meet the needs of our clients and we look to go over the top in service and let the natural wonders of Costa Rica do the rest.

This was family of four that had kids ages 20 and 18 which means they were ready for an adventure. They have traveled all over the world and with some of the top tour operators there are. We felt ready for the chance to show off our skills as a top service adventure comopany. They found out about our company through a blog post and said they wanted to give the "little guys" a chance. You can call us what you want and although we are a small company we like to think we can hang with the bigger companies when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Just to give you an idea of the service we gave this family and all other families who travel with us on a Costa Rica vacation you can see at the river we hired a chef and even had sushi for the river lunch (it was the mom's favorite we had found out) and from that point on we spoiled them in every aspect of the trip.

There final comments were 100% satisfaction and said it was one of their best family vacations ever and we felt very proud to be listed in the category with some of the best in the industry. When planning your Costa Rica family vacation be sure to know that we will offer first class service from start to finish.
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