Friday, July 2, 2010

A Costa Rica trip for the Perfect Child

I never thought living in Costa Rica I would have the chance to learn Mandarin. Well the fact is I never learned Mandarin but due to a family vacation I guided I did pick up a few words.

We did a Costa Rica family vacation for a Chinese family who now resides in New York City. They were a couple with a 5 year old daughter. The 5 year old was one of the cutest and nicest kids you could imagine. Not to mention she was also brilliant as it seemed she picked up Spanish in one week, spoke fluent English and Mandarin. We did all the normal adventures we do but on a much smaller level.

All though this was a family vacation of only 3 people we still operated it privately and when you are the only child on the trip you sort of get the royal treatment. It was an amazing trip and a chance to inspire me to one day learn some more Mandarin. For a family of 3 they said a Costa Rica family vacation was the perfect fit for what they were looking for and having the trip privately run gave the extra attention to the little one that was needed.

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