Friday, July 2, 2010

Second Family Vacation to Costa Rica

It is always a good sign when a family returns for a second family vacation with us. This particular family came down for its second year in a row to get some more adventure. This year for their family vacation they decided to go full throttle. On a trip that lasted more than two weeks they did just about everything.

This is an amazing family that when traveling for the second time you develop a friendship and it does not even feel like you have clients but friends to hang out with. They have two daughters and 1 boy which are all under 15 years old. They are quite the characters and the trip was full of laughs from start to finish. We actually made and edited a video for this trip and sent it to the family about a month later which made for an amazing souvenir.

After a trip like this it makes for an emotional good-bye and this family vacation will forever be one of the great itineraries we have made. The family left being Costa Rica experts themselves and the kids fell inlove with adventure. The dad told me he was worried about his son trying to rappel off the roof of the house when they got home.
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  1. Sounds like such a fun time! We have just booked our Costa Rica condominiums for our trip in the fall! We have now been looking up things to do while we are there. From the picture it looks like you guys did something interesting. Thanks so much for sharing.