Friday, July 2, 2010

You wont believe this Romantic Getaway

Woody Sudbrink a pioneer of FM radio and his girlfriend a former cover girl of Southern Living (both happen to be in their 80's) decided to have a getaway on a Costa Rica vacation.

I talked to Woody before the trip and he said he really wanted to impress his soon to be wife so he wanted to show her that he might be 80 but he still got what it takes to have fun. So we geared up the vacation with all the adventures you can imagine. It was just the two of them and myself and we absolutely had a blast. When we went rafting we had four guides adn the two of them and they actually did very well for being in their 80's.

When we went on a waterfall hike Woody hiked up to the top leaving his girlfriend and myself in the back. I told Woody "that is not how to impress her" he responded I just wanted her to know that I still got what it takes. Well Im not going to argue and it seemed it worked because two months after they got home they were married. This is another couple that has traveled to almost every country on Earth and they both said that our operation is right up there at the top and that their Costa Rica vacation was one of the best they have had.

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