Monday, May 2, 2011

Costa Rica Rafting

Costa Rica is the perfect spot to make a whitewater rafting tour part of your family vacation. We are a small company that operates our rafting tours on a small scale allowing us to have some of the most experienced guides in all of Costa Rica.

 Chirripo Atlantico -- We wanted to start off by talking to you about Chirripo Atlantico. Unfortunately this is not a commercially rafted river and it happens to be one of the most intense rivers in all of the America's. This is a trek by horseback to get to Costa Rica's most daring rapids. A 15 hour river run of constant class V's. This is just to let you know what your guides do during their free time so you can have the confidence that our guides will take good care of you in your Costa Rica river rafting trips.

Pejibaye -- If you want to get the kids wet and keep them in the raft then the whitewater rafting adventure on the Pejibaye is where we will plan on taking you. All of our guides are certified, experienced whitewater rafters but if rivers could get certified this would be the kid-friendly river. It is easy access in and out and is located in the town of Turrialba. If you happen to be staying at the Casa Turire Hotel then there is no closer river for you than the Pejibaye since the run ends at your hotel. It is surrounded by beautiful low lying foliage and crystal clear water. Another nice option about this tour is that even if you do it in one day from the San Jose area, you are still arriving back early afternoon. The time on the river is around 2 hours. This is also very close to the village of Sitio de Mata where you can experience our rural tourism activities and also where we have our Costa Rica Spanish School. Pejibaye is a class II & III.

 Pacuare River -- When it comes to Costa Rica whitewater rafting this is the river that has made the country famous. Listed as one of National Geographics top five scenic rivers on the planet, the famous Pacuare River continues to live up to its glory and fame. The river is engulfed in enormous mountains filled with primary rainforest. It is here that our company got it's start and we hope that we can share the beauty of this river that changed the way we look at our planet. It is a magical place and if Mother Nature was in a Royal Wedding, I have a feeling her dress would look something like the Pacuare River.  It is a demonstration of the heart of the tropics filled with life as you make your way down the 18 miles of pristine clear river. We operate a number of different rafting options for the Pacuare River including one and two day adventures. If you want more days on the river you do not have to convince us, just let us know and we can accomodate a Costa Rica rafting tour that will keep you surrounded by nature for a week that you will not regret. Along with our standard commercial tours we offer Costa Rica camps to get kids out into nature and teach them skills used by some of Costa Rica's top river guides.
This is a solid class IV river from start to finish although in the dry season with a good guide (one of ours) the river runs low but you will still get soaked.

 Savegre River -- This is a river for those that want just a small taste of what they might get in the famous Pacuare River. Here on the Savegre you get similar glimpse of what you experience on the entire trip of the Pacuare. If you visit the Savegre River, one of the benefits is that you will be just minutes from one of Costa Rica's most beautiful beaches and that is Manuel Antonio. And now with the new highway, you can head south to the small surfing town of Dominical where you will find some great surf and some not-so-touristy luxurious spots to stay to end your Costa Rica family vacation.
Savegre is class II & III in the dry season and some nice class IV's in the rainy season.

Sarapiqui -- This is a river that is located on the east side of the Central Valley and is nice because it is  just around 2 hours from San Jose so we can operate this tour for you from the San Jose area. The Sarapiqui depending where you decide to start your rafting tour, has some adventurous rapids but most of the river would not be big water. We often operate rafting tours here for families with small children. The best part about the Sarapiqui is that although close to towns and roads, it still has very plentiful wildlife as there are a number of reserves and rainforests in this area. This makes the river a popular spot for animals to hang out. If you are in the area of Sarapiqui it is probably worth staying the night  because there is much to be learned and it can be a very educational experience as it is popular spot for nature lovers to visit. Birding tours are a large part of the local activities and there are many different places to educate students and scientist looking to do field work in the heart of the tropics. It should also be noted that Sarapiqui River rafting tours can be an easy day trip from the Arenal Volcano area. The Sarapiqui River is class II & III in the lower section and some class IV's in the upper section.

  Balsa River -- Here is where you can wake up with a georgous view of an active volcano, sleep in and have a nice hearty breakfast and then enjoy some white water rafting just before lunch. The Balsa River is located in the perfect distance from the Arenal Volcano area if you are in the mood for some adventure but you do not feel like driving far and would like to be back in time to spend time in the many hotsprings in the Arenal area. The Balsa River is class II & III and will get everyone wet for sure and you should be able to stay in the raft for the entire trip.

Coto Brus -- This is a nice river to raft that is located very far south and one of the last possible rivers to do a rafting tour in before reaching Panama. The Coto Brus is similar to the Pejibaye but a bit larger and some bigger rapids. This is not a commercially rafted river compared to the Sarapiqui, Balsa, & Pacuare but we do operate tours here and it can be a very fun day on an isolated river. This river only makes sense if you are down in the area as it is tucked back into the southern mountains. It is a class III & IV and around four hours of river time. It is located in very rural areas and not many options for changing clothes except behind a tree or a slow moving cow.

 Guabo -- This is a river that is worth running for two reasons. The first is that it has a beautiful drop that makes the two hour run worth it. It is a class IV rapid that will leave you telling stories weeks after you get back home. The second is that it is located just above the beach town of Dominical and you actually can finish this rafting trip in the ocean. You just paddle out of the mountains into the beautiful waters of the Pacific. This is a beautiful river that many have referred to as the baby Pacuare. This beach is not runnable all year and there must be enough water to run it which is not too often. If you get the chance and the Guabo has the right water level make sure you take advantage of it and run it. Let us know as we always know the level it has and we will keep you posted and take you for an amazing Costa Rica Adventure.

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