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Costa Rica Ziplines

Costa Rica has become famous for it's many great beaches for surfing, majestic rainforest, and of course making a visit for some Costa Rica adventure tours. When you are not doing the whitewater rafting tours or the canyoneering adventure your next choice is the many different ziplines in Costa Rica. There are so many ziplines in Costa Rica that we doubt anybody really knows all of them but I can assure you that the best ones we have been on and hope to have you join us on a Costa Rica family vacation. Take a look at the list we made of some of our favorite ziplines in Costa Rica.

Zipline is the adventure that almost everyone in the family can do. It does not involve a lot of skill. This is why it is a perfect activity for a family of all ages. All the kids have to do is scream and all grandma has to do is go along for the ride.

SkyTrek (Arenal Area - Northern Zone)  -- With well over 70 different zipline tours in the country we will have to say that we think SkyTrek is still the best. When it comes to height, speed, and view this is one of a kind. The speed is around 45km each cable and your highest cable is 700ft. But the best part about this zipline is the view. It is located on the side of the Arenal Volcano which lends itself to some of the best views of the volcano you can get. Along with the seeing the volcano upclose, you a great view of Lake Arenal and then on a clear day you can actually see Nicaragua. The SkyTrek is a company that started in Monteverde where they have a similar zipline that also has excellent cables and you will not be disappointed with the views there too. 

When it comes to reputable companies with a solid safety record Skytrek has really made a name for themselves. They have done so well they are now even franchising out international and their operations can be seen in Mexico. You can also find hanging bridges and gandola rides in the Arenal operation. When we operate a Costa Rica vacation and zipline is on the itinerary in the Arenal area we pick Skytrek 90% of the time. The only time we do not operate Skytrek is when little kids under the age of eight want to zipline as Skytrek does not allow young kids. It should be mentioned that this company is owned by Costa Rican brothers who have an interest in protecting the rainforest which surrounds the operation of Skytrek.

 Osa Canopy Tour (Southern Pacific Area) -- This is a canopy tour that is like none other in the country. The things that seperate this canopy tour from many others is that it is located on a mountain ridge at 1,000ft above sea-level just 1km inland. The only place in Costa Rica where you find this type of topography is on the mid to southern Pacific area near the town of Cortez. This canopy offers a great mix of high cables, off roading to get to the cables, an amazing tarzan swing, and a tree rappel. The town of Cortez is located about one hour south from the town of Dominical and the tour will last around three hours because you have to take a 4x4 to get to the top of the ridge.

If I had to pick a Tarzan swing that gave you adrenaline rush like none other it would be the Tarzan swing here at Osa Canopy Tour. You can almost compare it to a bungee as it has a 30ft free fall. This is an amazing adventure and if you decide to put the Tarzan swing on your Costa Rica family adventure tour you better be ready for some serious adventure.

 Borinquen (Northern Area Rincon de la Vieja) --- If you are in the northern part of the country in the area of Guanacaste you might start to realize that there is not much elevation. Not much elevation on a Costa Rica adventure tour can wipe out most of the tours we might have planned for you. The whitewater rafting in this area is nothing too exciting with not many big rapids in the area. This is why it is important to drive inland and when you drive inland into the mountains there still might not be big rapids to run but you can find a great zipline which is at the resort of Borinquen. This is about a two hour drive from the beaches in Guanacaste and it is will worth it. The veiws are amazing; the zipline is a perfect taste of the rest of Costa Rica without having to go too far from the beach. You will see in the first cable as you go zipping across a canyon that has a 150ft waterfall below.

It should be said if you are in the area you should consider staying at the Borinquen Lodge for the night as it is a great place to get away from the beach, feel the cool mountain air and have perfect views of Rincon de La Vieja Volcano.

Titi-Canopy Tour (Central Pacific Manuel Antonio)  -- If we had to give a company the best name award it would go to the Titi-Canopy tour in Manuel Antonio. A smaller operation but with a perfect safety record the Titi-canopy is named after the type of small monkey that is found in the Manuel Antonio area. It is also commonly known as the Squirrel Monkey. Here you will find 12 cables and an easy half day tour from the many touristy areas of Manuel Antonio. The longest cable runs around 450ft and this place is kid friendly making it a good choice for a Costa Rica family vacation but still leaving plenty of time for the Mrs. to enjoy the Costa Rican spa.

Some of the other great activites that Titi-Canopy tours offer is the tarzan swing and a rappel. We call this the big three which you are starting to see more and more canopy tours offering.

Selvatura Canopy Tour (Monteverde) -- One of Costa Rica's top canopy tours has to be Selvatura as it is located in the beautiful area of Monteverde and really runs a close to perfect operation and is why we list them and choose to work with them on many occasions when we are doing a Costa Rica adventure tour with Monteverde in the itinerary. Along with having the cables and the hanging bridges, Selvatura offers so much more. You will spend more than the two hours of your average canopy tour. Here you can spend an entire day if you decide to immerse yourself in the many natural options they have at Selvatura. As a company we find it very important that on a Costa Rica vacation you can get into contact with nature and this is one of the best spots for it. You have the option visiting butterflies, insects, frogs, snakes, and natural history hikes as they have designed the complex into a mini show of some of Costa Rica's most sought after species while keeping them their natural settings.

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