Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Perfect Costa Rica Kid Experience

The moment of Respecting Nature
I had a trip two weeks ago and one of the kids in the family asked me if we would see a Red-Eyed Tree Frog. As a guide the best thing that can happen is that your clients show interest in something before you even mention it. The Red-Eyed Tree Frog is one of Costa Rica's most spectacular animals and everyone hopes to have the opportunity to see one. When I was asked by the 8 year old girl in the group I made the promise to her that we would be seeing one for sure. I only made this promise because I knew where I could find one for sure. The Red-Eye Tree frog enjoys lower elevations and sleep during the day and like making the Heliconia leafs their home for sleeping. It is small things like that can make the Costa Rica Family Vacation be one of their best vacations ever.

There are many guides that will tell you not to bother the frogs while they sleep. They say this for good reason as the frogs are nocturnal and nobody likes to be woken up during the middle of their sleep time. I am one who argues that we need ambassadors to the natural world. Although I am a naturalist guide and very much so an environmentalist I have to say if I can wake up a frog and show a little girl the wonders of nature and give her a WOW! moment then the frog was the best ambassador to the natural world you can find. It is true that after touching the frog and waking him up that he might have a rough couple hours of sleeping but the fact of the matter is that the little girl that had this experience might be able to get a step closer into understanding the beauty of the natural world that no textbook or postcard can ever share. Just take a look at her face when I show her the frog! Click Here to Plan a Costa Rica Family Adventure

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