Thursday, March 29, 2012

Eating Termites in Costa Rica

Let the Termites Crawl on your fingers
One of the best parts about my job is learning just how much fruit and things we do not eat in the States. I have lived in Costa Rica for 11 years working as a naturalist and adventure guide on different tours and I am still running into new species of plants, fruits, and animals that I have never eaten before. So you can imagine how much of it is new to the families that are making a one week Costa Rica family vacation with us.

Then Suck them off your fingers like the Mader's do here
One of my favorites is eating termites with our guest. You might not know that termites are eaten all over the world in many tropical countries. They happen to be a high source of fat and protein with a nutty flavor that makes them quite tasty. Whenever I see a termite nest I ask the kids if they are ready for a snack and as most kids are always ready for sweat snack. The best part is sticking your finger into the termite nest (which you want to make sure you know the difference between a termite nest and a wasp nest) and gathering a finger full of termites and then sucking them off like your cleaning your fingers. It usually takes a few seconds and a few rounds of eating the termites myself but after awhile I tend to get everyone in the group to try. Click Here to Plan Your Next Family Adventure in Costa Rica

For your next snack in the jungle consider a termite nest!


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  1. Oh my goodness! I do not think I would be brave enough to even get the termites onto my finger. I think I would be trying to kill them before they got close to me. We went to Costa Rica last year. This summer we are looking into getting Cape Cod Rentals for a few weeks. The kids wanted to go someplace different than the normal places we go and we thought this would be just the place. Thanks so much for sharing your great post. You made me more excited for summer!