Friday, March 30, 2012

Visiting Indigenous Tribes in Costa Rica

What you Expect to see is this but there is...
One of my favorite lessons on the Rainforest is visiting an indigenous tribe in Costa Rica. There are many ways to operate a tour to indigenous tribes and one of the most common and best tours is the Bribri tribe located on the southern Caribbean. There are a few spots where the Bribri have set up local areas where they can showcase their culture and ways of living.

One of my favorite though is to take a look into the sociology and humanity lessons visiting an indigenous tribe has to offer. Much of the reserve is now a mix of indigenous culture and a culture that is in extreme poverty holding on to the dream of modernization. The hard fact is that these indians are last on the list when it comes to what the government can do for them. It is here that you see a culture that is dead and younger children that they say want to play "white" which is what they refer to the Spanish decent race in Costa Rica. These young Bribri children that want to play "white" are now speaking Spanish and much have forgot the Bribri native language. They are fighting strong to conserve the traditions and many of the Bribri are committed to making this happen but when you cross the river into the tribe at Sureka and you see a bus stop that is just filled with trash and litter you get the sense that the tribe that was once one with the Earth is now detached from the Earth as is much of the world we live in.

It is an important experience that visitors to reserves see both aspects of the traditional customs and the hardships of what has happen in recent years. There is much to learn and it can be an incredible experience to see sometimes what you are not expecting to see.

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