Saturday, March 31, 2012

Costa Rica Family Vacation off the Touristy Path

Costa Rican Resource off the beaten path
Depending upon where you visit in Costa Rica it can now be a very touristy area such as the places of Manuel Antonio, Tamarindo, Jaco, or Arenal. Because of Costa Rica's rough terrain their are many places that are also off the touristy path that can give you a look into the not so touristy areas of Costa Rica.

Learning from the Ancients
During this tour we took a boat trip into an indigenous reserve and gave this family an experience that they would not find in any of the touristy towns of Costa Rica. It is important to experience this and see that all of Costa Rica is not living off of tourism economy. It is an excellent learning experience and should be a part of every Costa Rica Family Vacation even though it might take you out of your comfort zone for a few hours.

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  1. I love when people get involved with the locals when they are vacationing. When I went touring Chile for 3 weeks with my girlfriend a few years ago we tried getting to know the people as much as we could. We went to church and even had someone show us how to cook in their small shop. It's amazing how friendly and willing they are to help people out. Wish it was like that more in the states. In the fall I am going to be staying at one of these vacation rentals in Costa Rica and I can not wait! I am very interested in taking a nature tour and going through the canopy. About how far in advanced should someone book a tour using CRR Tours ? Should it be done before we leave ? Or is it something that we can decide to do once we get down there?