Thursday, April 28, 2011

Caribbean Region

The word "Caribbean" is all you need to hear to know that there must be an ecolodge nearby. In Costa Rica the Caribbean side is an area that offers a lot to a visitor in just 125 miles of Coastline. With a mixture of cultures from Afro-Caribbean to Bri-Bri Ancient Indian culture that is just the start of the mix. The topography of the Caribbean changes quite a bit also with the northern region being canals of wetlands in a very flat area known as Tortuguero which is Costa Rica most common nesting area for turtles. As you make your way south the Talamanca mountain region makes it's way inland where you find beautiful white sandy beaches at the base of the mountain range.

The little amount of developement other than the port city of Limon has made the Caribbean side of Cost Rica a perfect area for those interested in ecotourism on a Costa Rica vacation. It can begin treking back into the mountains where one of National Geographics top 5 rivers on the planet is located which is the famous Costa Rica whitewater rafting tours of the Pacuare river. The river makes its way out to the Caribbean ocean.

The Caribbean side of Costa Rica is filled with biodiversity and plenty of ecotourism activities along some of the most pristine beaches in all of Costa Rica. These are also some of the less crowded beaches making it the perfect spot for many of the Caribbean ecolodges. These Costa Rica ecolodges sit quietly in harmony with their natural surroundings and have the opportunity to involve Bri-Bri culture, Afro-Caribbean culture, and Spanish.

If you make your way to the Caribbean side for your Costa Rica adventure tour you might not even need much Spanish so don't worry about those Costa Rica Spanish schools because much of the language spoken on the Caribbean side is English although part of the ecolodges in the area is to preserve all languages of the native tribes.

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