Thursday, April 28, 2011

Central Region

With the central region of Costa Rica being home to the Central Valley which is where the majority of the population and commerce is, you can imagine it might not be the perfect setting for a Costa Rica ecolodge. Although once you start to look a little closer, you begin to notice that the Central valley is surround by beautiful volcanos and tall steep mountains. It is on the slopes and the other side of these mountains that Costa Rica is home to some of the most beautiful ecolodges on the planet.

The central region of Costa Rica is home to the Pacuare River which National Geographic lists as one of the top five rivers on Earth. It is here that your Costa Rica whitewater rafting tours can take you to some of the finest and most remote ecolodging in all of Costa Rica; where your only access is by raft.

Finding a Costa Rica ecolodge in the central region can give you a whole new look on ecology as you will most likely find places at very different elevations as compared to the conventional coastal ecolodges. Your elevation can bring you to areas of the paramo and cloudforest to down near lowland tropical rainforest. The central region of Costa Rica is some of the oldest lands the country has as the mountains have evolved out of the sea and make for limitless views of vacant green mountains.

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