Thursday, April 28, 2011

Selva Bananito Lodge & Preserve

This is a lodge that has the five leaves from the CST which stands for Certificate for Sustainable Tourism. This all looks good and you have to work hard to get five leaves but it is what is done after you are awarded the five leaves and that is why this is a yearly evaluation. The Selva Bananito Lodge is one of those special places where there is nothing between you and nature. This is  the beauty of sometimes not staying in a super luxurous place because all of the luxuries of a place can distract you from your time with nature. This is a great place for a Costa Rica family vacation if you want to teach the kids that it is possible to live simply but still in comfort. Another nearby activity would be to visit our Costa Rica Spanish school located in the surrounding mountains of Turrialba.

One of the more interesting things about this lodge is that it was built with waste wood that was used in logging activities decades ago. This lodge is located on the Caribbean side of Limon and situated back in the rainforest near the Bananito River. This is a lodge that is not for everyone. It is off the beaten path and a simple place but with real attention to the environment. If you are visiting this area of the country we suggest breaking up the drive and maybe visiting our Sitio de Mata project or joining us on the Costa Rica rafting tours on the Pacuare River.

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