Thursday, April 28, 2011

Make an Environmental Difference

The key to saving our planet through protecting our environment is sort of stated giving a little too much power to the human race. The fact of the matter is that the planet will do just fine. It might change extreme tempatures but with or without humans the planet is going to go on spinning for another 3.5 billion years it is guessed by most scientist.

Our planet is suffering from what some estimate 15,000 to 50,000 extinctions a year and this are unpresedented numbers as compared to a few hundred years ago their were only 4 specie extinctions a year. Global warming is based on scientific evidence and it is blatenly obvious that human activity could cause our extinction.  The head team of scientist including Jim Hansen of NASA has labeled our atmosphere to be safe at 350ppm (parts per million) and we have now rose above that to 380ppm which is  still on the rise and this is the reason for the heating of the planet, the melting of the polar ice caps, the melting of the frozen tundra which then realeases methane in,  the drastic weather changes, and extinctions.

Planet Earth has made extinct 99.9999% of the species that have ever lived on the planet making just .0001% alive today and of that small percentage exist humans. This is not a said thing it is because of the first 99% that we have evolved into a species with such a powerful mind that we can love and develope hope in times of need and adapt with tools that are needed to survive. But the sad part is that if we become extinct one day we will be the first species during the 4 billion year old Earth that brought extinction upon themselves while knowing it.

It is now that we a generation of literally not saving the planet but saving ourselves. There are a number of different ways to help and as long as those ways are foreign to everyone they will be "ways to help".  Yes, you can start by recycling, changing your light bulbs, and not using plastic bags at the supermarket. But the most important is knowledge of how to live and start doing it "naturally". Our suggestions as a Costa Rica educational tour company is to join us on a tour and we can help educate but this might not being the case for everyone. If you do not join us on a tour we think it is important to just read and educate yourself. If you understand global warming and the balance of the web of life you begin to naturally act in accordance to the laws of nature.

Websites of Interest:

Some of the literature we find interesting are:

Thom Hartman - Ancient Sunlight
Bill McKibben - Eaarth
David Suzuki  - Sacred Balance
Jim Hansen ----- Storms of Our Grandchildren
Janine Benyus -- Biomimicry

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