Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lapa Rios Rainforest Ecolodge

When it comes to ecolodges there are few that live up to the standard as Lapa Rios does. This is without a doubt your complete ecolodge. The Lapa Rios ecolodge is located in the Southern Pacific peninsula of Costa Rica and makes for the perfect spot for a Costa Rica vacation or if you want a romantic Costa Rican honeymoon.

The Lapa Rios ecolodge is 1,000 acres of protected land.  Most all of their employees are from the local community and doing everything they can to educate the employees, local community, and visiting guests on the importance of living sustainably with the environment. Eco-lodges that are real ecolodges, as is Lapa Rios, are priced high because they have to keep the hotels small in order to have the full ecolodge effect. This hotel is 17 rooms and expect to climb a few stairs on your way to and from the lobby if you get one of the rooms down below. It is a fancy hotel but in a rustic ecolodge kind of way. Everything is clean and the service is great. It is located on a ridge that has outstanding views of the Pacific Ocean below.

This hotel offers a number of nature hikes and a very interesting medicinal plant tour, local community tour, and the sustainable energy tour to show you first hand how the lodge is operated. We consider it very important that our clients take at least one of these tours during their stay giving them the full feel for staying in a real ecolodge.

To get to the hotel it is best to fly or you can drive to the town of Puerto Jimenez where you will be on a bumpy road for the last hour of your trip. The road in during the rainy season can be flooded so plan on traveling light because you might have to carry your luggage over the river. This is getting out into Costa Rica's unknown when it comes to ecotourism and it is well worth the trip that we wish all our clients would venture into at least for a few days during their Costa Rica ecotourism adventure.

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