Thursday, April 28, 2011

El Sabanero Eco-Lodge

When you hear the name Tamarindo you start to think of high rise buildings and a hot and heavy real estate market. The idea of a quiet Costa Rica vacation or romantic Costa Rica honeymoon does not come to mind.  Well, with the Sabanero Eco-lodge you can be just outside of Tamarindo and feel the real essence of Costa Rica which is the beautiful sounds and sights of nature.

Tamarindo and the Guanacaste area are what have been referred to as the "gold-coast". This area is not exactly an environmentalist idea of an ideal vacation spot as many large luxurious hotel chains have made their way on the scene and construction of not-so-eco-friendly residences are going up as fast as the eye can see. This is why it is so soothing to see the "El Sabanero Eco-Lodge" which is not in walking distance to the beach but has found a way to blend the "gold-coast" with a small and quaint style of eco-friendly living and making some money doing it. The views on TripAdvisor give it a solid full five circles which is hard to find these days.

This lodge has been called the friendliest and cleanest place in all of Costa Rica or the Paradise just outside of paradise. It is set up in chalet style and one of the best parts about this ecolodge are its rates. The rates for five-star service is well below the market price. This is a Costa Rica eco-lodge that can play a positive example of venturing into the unknown land of Costa Rica eco-lodges which is the highly developed land.


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