Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Recycling is becoming very popular and it is almost to the point that everyone is catching on and if you do not recycle it is somewhat "strange". There is an interesting way to think about recycling. We have seen that we are able to make bags out of recycled goods, we can craft wallets out of used card board, we can even wrap presents from recycled paper. This is all a very big step forward but what seems to be missing is the fact that we have found a way to wrap and bag our consumeristic lifestyles of all the stuff we feel we need. This is where the three R's of recycling will need to take on a fourth R. The three R's as we know are Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle while the fourth in should be Reject. This is simply stating if you do not need it, just reject it. The world is full of things humans do not need although our species thrives off of stimulus for our senses for moments of happiness in search of more stuff! This ultimately is a road to making more and more stuff which makes the topic of recycling just a waste of time.

Well again a Costa Rican ecolodge can give you a sense of recycling and that the things you do need are worth recycling and the things you don't need you can live without for a few days or even a week. This is one of the beauties of traveling and it is always more evident in a Costa Rican eco-adventure that as the days go by you don't even realize what you are living without until you get home. With population growth what it is, and the only true government to successfully govern all of the human species being Consumerism then recycling is one of our only ways to save not only our planet but also our species. People don't realize that the planet will save itself if we recycle or not but what might not be around for many years is humans because we live off of our natural resources and if we use them all we willingy were the species that chose extinction.

The ecolodges of Costa Rica are all dedicated to recycling and with this comes educating the local communities and kids about the importance of recycling. The recycle we know as plastic, paper, aluminum, and glass bottles are all recycled but it must be taken a step forward. The waters of the ecolodge must be recycled. Gray waters can be treated very easily and recycled onto the gardens. The same compost of the ecolodge can be used as fertilizer. If you take a look an nature and the ecosystems that make the natural beauties that surround the ecolodges, it is a process of constant recycling of nutrients and energy of the beautiful natural setting. It only makes sense that ecolodges take part in this cycle and that if you are on a Costa Rica family vacation you do your part to learn about recycling and although you might not live in a very natural setting in your homeland, you do your part of living as nature would by recycling at any chance you get.

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