Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tiskita Jungle Lodge

If you like fruit then this is the ecolodge for you. With a collection of 125 different fruits you can be sure to get all the vitamins you need. The Tiskita Jungle lodge can be considered one of the pioneer ecolodges in the Southern Pacific of Costa Rica. It's here you will find many exotic fruits along with the famous Mangosteen which many argue is the best tasting fruit on the planet. You will hear that mangosteen is not native but in the world of ecolodges if the human species is part of the web of life would we just not be another seed disperser that decided to carry mangosteen to the Southern Pacific and drop some seeds?

This is a lodge where your tours will be based around nature and if you want adrenaline do not expect Costa Rica whitewater rafting tours, ziplinig, or canyoneering. Bike rides and surfing is about extreme as it gets.

This place is a simple lodge and a full out Costa Rican ecolodge abiding by all of the qualities to have this title.  Tiskita is located on the southern border of Costa Rica and the northern border of Panama. There are a few different ways to arrive and a 45 minute flight from San Jose to Golfito and then a 2 hour taxi drive from Golfito. If you are familiar with Costa Rica you know that anything that is a 45 minute flight from San Jose and then another 45 minute taxi drive will put you in the middle of the ocean or in a very remote setting and that is exactly what Tiskita Jungle Lodge offers. It is a great place for a Costa Rica vacation if you want to enjoy nature to the fullest and the TripAdvisor comments of the Tiskita Lodge describe it best as a "gem of the natural world".

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