Thursday, April 28, 2011

Green Technology

Green technology is being used across the world now as an option for clean technology or also known as greentech. This type of technology is being used so little harm is done to the environment. It is now more important than ever that we dont just stop using fossil fuels but we match sure the fossil fuels we have left are used in developing green technology. Yes, it is true at the present moment almost all forms of energy that are being developed and certain green technologies at some point in the process have needed fossil fuels. Workers, scientist, buildings, computers, whatever might go into the process of developing world changing technology at somepoint in the developing process fossil fuels are used.

This does not mean dont fly or dont drive but what it does mean that if you fly down for a  Costa Rica vacation there is know better option than an ecolodge because here you can learn about the many green technologies and make an impact on the community.

Costa Rica ecolodges can teach you about the basics of green technology as most have solar panels, use compose, some wind, hydro, and many now even store agriculture organic waste for the use of it's fermated gases. Other technologies involve gardening.


A new and upcoming type of green technology is called biomimicry which is "bio-life" and "mimicry-mimic". This is the study of seeing how nature after 4 billion years of trying to get it right on this planet makes it work in simple ideas. One example of this would be the forest floor or a bed of a river. Take for instance the bed of a river is a solid ground made up of thousands of different rocks no two of which are exactly the same. When they are all together though they make a whole which is the bed of a river. Imagine we applied this to flooring in our houses. If we had many different types of rugs in our home if a small piece needed to be replace we would not have to gut the entire house but just that piece and any piece would work to replace it which would cut down on factories having to produce, transport, and store large supplies. The whole concept of mimicking nature has been around for awhile just think what the Wright brother's were thinking as kids when they saw a bird in flight.

Biomimicry is taking nature's most successful developments and turning them into everyday use. Because we are a planet that makes our living off of producing and consuming, the most sought after idea to mimic is materials from nature (biomaterials). An example would be spider silk which can be three times stronger than steel and flexible. The importance of mimicking nature is that their products are completely biodegradable. There is even a mushroom that can harvest styrofoam which at the present moment is one of the worst man-made materials for the environment.


Unfortunately the green technology is now branching into the geo-engineering which means there is a problem that we have to fix. The word Geo means Earth and the word Engineering means, to build. This is the study of trying to figure out how we can control the climate change of the Earth from the global warming we have caused with the use of fossil fuels. There are a number of different technologies that are part of geo-engineering none of which have been put to use. They range from fertilizing algea in the ocean to grow faster in order to absorbing more CO2, to flying huge mirrors into the stratosphere to reflect sunlight. The idea of painting every building on the planet white to reflect sunlight was even brought up. My favorite though is 1400 ships that are basically robots and float around the ocean removing salt from the ocean and shooting clouds into the atmosphere in order to reflect sunlight. These are all very smart ideas that may work and may not but I can promise you they are just short time fixes until we try and get this right. Until we realize that we have to be part of nature and not try to dominate nature we will always need the next green technology to allow us to keep living the way we live.

With a visit to a Costa Rica eco-lodge on your Costa Rica vacation you can experience the true essence of living like a human being under comfortable conditions but living with nature.

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