Friday, April 29, 2011

Luna Lodge Costa Rica

Luna Lodge Costa Rica
The idea of Luna Lodge is a true success story that nature is in all of us. If you are a dreamer and love seeing dreams come true than this is the place for you. The owner of this lodge is a lady named Lana and her dream of protecting nature is what makes this Lodge what it is. When it comes to service there is literally just that aura of peace when you are in her presence that makes you never want to leave but stay and only hope that you can look and feel the same way as Lana. She is a lover of nature, understander of ecology, understander and teacher of the great inter-relations between all of nature including us. This is shown in the design of the lodge as it simply just looks interlaced into the deep green rainforest of the Southern Pacific.

The food is amazing and the wildlife is plentiful. It is a place of total peace and relaxation and if you are into yoga than you found the perfect spot. The location gives a whole new meaning to being off the beaten path. It is located about an hour from the famous Lapa Rios Lodge which that is even off the beaten path. The Luna Lodge is very close to the Corcovado national park entrance. Because of it's distance we have operated Costa Rica family vacations here but you have to be up for an adventure or at least be able to get into a good book, relax, and maybe enjoy some bird watching.

If you get the chance to visit make sure you visit when Lana is around the lodge which is usually always. Lana actually had the chance to host Costa Rica President Oscar Arias' first visit ever to the Osa Peninsula. There is not a better person I would put in charge for this duty of interlinking politics to the most peacefully natural area of Costa Rica.

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