Friday, April 29, 2011

Sleep Behind a Waterfall Ecolodge

Good Morning 

We have been operating this tour for years and having worked with the Chapman family on many different adventures we consider this the full ecotourism experience. It has been here behind this waterfall that Tom Ranieri and Costa Rican Resource has led countless amount of student and family groups to experience the incredible ecolodge that the Chapman family has developed trying to educate students and families on the importance of living with respect to the environment. We still consider this one of Costa Rica's best kept secrets and it will always have a number of outfitters visiting it but because of it's access it will never become a huge tourist destination. It starts with a very long and steep hike that might not be in everyones idea of a nice relaxing Costa Rica family vacation but if you make the hike half way you are treated to a beautiful permaculture garden which is a lesson on how nature survives and supports itself. Then you keep hiking for another 30 minutes and you arrive to two beautiful waterfalls and behind these waterfalls are beds that are set up, dining area, kitchen, and bathroom. The waterfalls you sleep behind are also used for a Costa Rica waterfall rappel adventure when visiting. There are a number of different hikes in the area and one of them is to the top of the famous Diamante waterfall which is a 600ft high waterfall.
Wake up to the Sound of a Waterfall

If you are interested in Sleeping behind a waterfall for your Costa Rica Adventure Tour.

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