Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rancho Mastatal

If we as a company had to pick an ecolodge that we felt most represented the ideals of what an ecolodge should be and what society as a whole will one day maybe need to be it would be the Rancho Mastatal. This is a learning environment located nearby Costa Rica's newest and in most cases unheard of national park called La Congreja which means the crab.

Any ecolodge that has a quote from Thom Hartmann on the front of their site is a friend of ours. We feel this quote is worth repeating as it is said here:

They lived a sustainable way of life, seeing the sacredness of the world and the presence of the creator and divinity in all things, and generally led fulfilling lives with far more leisure time than working class citizens of the industrialized world will ever enjoy."

Thom Hartman

This lodge is operated by Tim and Robin who have very qualified profiles on their studies of sustainability. This is a lodge of simple lodging and full on educational learning. If you are interested in a Costa Rica family vacation and you want your kids to see how societies can be living sustainable than this is a pleasant and peaceful example of how humans can survive in harmony with planet Earth.

We as a company can only hope for the best for Tim and Robin and that their rooms are full and the message is heard at Rancho Mastatal. 

The location of the lodge is 2 1/2 hours from the capital city of San Jose driving about 1 hour pass the town of Puriscal on your way to Parrita and Quepos. As most ecolodges are this place is pretty isolated.

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