Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Water Treatment Plants for Ecolodges

Did you know that only 3% of the Earth's water is fresh and of this 3% most of it is made up of the glaciers and frozen ice. This leaves us with less than 1% of our Planet Earth's water as drinkable. This is why a true ecolodge must give it's undivided attention to protecting all water and wasting none.

The ecolodges of Costa Rica have a responsibility that every hotel, lodge, home, farm or any such facility that will take in water or dispose of water for living purposes. Doing this in a friendly way to our environment which includes the nearby communities is only possible through water treatment plants. When out in very rural areas it is easy to take the easy way out and go along with the sang that "well they are doing it so I guess it doesn't matter if we do it". That is the exact reason why there is a need for eco-friendly lodges, ecotourism, and sustainability. We have to re-treat our minds just like the water, to what is eco-friendly and how we should behave in and around our environment.

The waters that are made in our everyday lives that need to be treated before returning back to the environment can come for cooking in the kitchen, organic waste from washing plates, shower water, brushing your teeth, and anyother type of water related activity. This type of treatment is especially important in Costa Rica where heavy rains and flowing rivers can transport waste very far distances in just a short but strong afternoon shower. When the rains come they can soak into the Ecolodge grounds and mix with waste water. This all has to have a very careful and constant eye of being looked at.

What does Water Treatment Plants do for the Water?

The waste water that is produced by an ecolodge can do harm to local communities affecting humans and ecosystems. Three of the main functions of water treatment plants is to remove solid waste such as plastics, rags, and smaller particles such as sand and dirt. The second main function is to reduce organic matter in the water. This process is done by naturally occurring bacterias that help break down the organic matter. The third function of water treatments is to restore oxygen. If water does not have enough oxygen it is not suitable for life. By restoring oxygen through a water treatment plant the water is ready to go back out into the natural environment and sustain life. These are just the small things to look for when visiting an ecolodge and maybe a good thing to educate the family on when you decide to take a Costa Rica family vacation and try and learn about the different ways to protect the environment.

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